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The Benefits of (Engineered Timber) Sash Windows

Looking for the right type of window installation can involve a lot of hard work on reviews and technical specifications. Issues such as insulation, soundproofing, ease of use and of course aesthetic quality come into play. Below, we provide some basic information on why engineered timber sash windows could be just the solution you are looking for. We aim to provide you with an introduction to the most useful information about our sash windows, looking at how they can save you money and give you peace of mind in maintenance issues and property value. Moreover, we aim to help you along the path towards making a decision with us, at Timbertherm Windows, on how and whether engineered timber sash windows are the right choice for you.


Why engineered timber sash windows?

A surprising number of benefits can be achieved from the installation of engineered timber sash windows in a property, whether the building is used for residential or commercial purposes. In the current economic climate, however, some of the advantages that many property owners find to be most interesting are those that show how engineered timber sash windows can not only save money but also add extra value to the value of real estate. Furthermore, engineered timber sash windows can be installed with a clean environmental conscience, as many of our products come from sustainable forests, and place less of a burden on the environment than equivalent products made from artificial materials.

Cost benefits

Firstly, the performance of our engineered timber sash windows with regard to measures of airflow and air change can significantly both increase the internal comfort provided by the windows and decrease the amount of money spent on climate control such as heating. In fact, energy bills can be much lower after the installation of engineered timber sash windows. In part, this is because the sealing system is so effective in eliminating draughts, which also, of course, makes the interior of a building more comfortable to inhabit. Our windows exceed the top classification for air infiltration, as measured under the 1989 standard used in the real estate industry. Furthermore, the rate of air change through an exposed window has been demonstrated to be lowered from up to 3.0 per hour down to 0.7 per hour, given the installation of engineered timber sash windows. This results in a significant saving in the energy used to keep a room or building warm.

Secondly, the nature of engineered timber sash windows makes them a recommended maintenance improvement for even historic or listed buildings. This means that for potentially high-value property, our windows are approved when it comes to renovation work to maintain the integrity of a building’s characteristics and simultaneously increase the likely selling price, making the windows a valuable investment in real-estate terms. Similarly, in any residential or commercial building, the visual appeal and added comfort that the engineered timber sash windows bring can have a significant effect on the value of the property as a whole. Wood has been shown to have a lasting aesthetic appeal, whereas the wrong choice of a lower quality fitting can actually have a negative effect on the value of a property and reduce the price that you could receive on a sale.


Maintenance and durability

In addition to the potential cost benefits that come with engineered timber sash windows, there are a number of plus points when it comes to ease of use, ease of maintenance and the likely product life once installed. Engineered timber sash windows are both simple to deal with in day-to-day life and easy to maintain on an ongoing basis. In fact, for a quality product, our windows are a surprisingly low maintenance enhancement to a property. This adds to the value of the timber as a long-lasting and trusted material in construction.

Our windows are designed and engineered not only to make them effective in keeping in heat while keeping out noise and draughts, but are also very simple to open and shut. Not only this, but the engineered timber finish is hard wearing and simple to maintain. It is likely that our engineered timber sash windows can go for five years between wood stain treatments or up to eight years without repainting. Even then, the work necessary to stain or paint the wood is minimal and can be completed in less than half an hour per window. Find out more about repair and maintenance in our chapter on ‘Tips for maintaining your (engineered timbers) sash windows’.


In all, the installation of engineered timber sash windows can be good for your pocket, good for the environment, good for the aesthetic qualities and comforts of a building and good in terms of low maintenance needs. Our windows can save you money on business or domestic fuel bills, and they can add direct value to your home or property. Our windows provide an attractive appearance without placing an unnecessary burden on the environment, either through manufacture or through over-use of fuels for heating. Our windows can also give you peace of mind when it comes to maintenance needs, with our multi-layered engineered timber providing the sort of strength and rigidity that has been valued in the construction of large buildings and complex structures over many years.

Our (engineered timber) sash windows offer excellent investment value in improving or renovating a property. If this is your aim, then for some of the best quality in (engineered timber) sash windows, call or visit us at Timbertherm Windows for advice on your particular needs and wishes.

Next step

The next chapter deals with installation issues in more detail. Please continue reading for more information on ‘Installing engineered timber sash windows’. Please also feel free to drop by in person at Timbertherm Windows in Braintree, Essex, where our professional staff will be glad to help out with any queries or requests that you have concerning our range of quality engineered timber sash windows.

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