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Tips for maintaining your engineered timber sash windows

Once you have selected your engineered timber sash windows and when they have been professionally installed by one of our expert craftsmen, they are all set for a long life of durability and high performance. Like any other fitting in a property, however, engineered timber sash windows do require occasional checks and maintenance. On this page, you can find out about a basic maintenance regime. If you have more detailed questions, or if you need assistance with a particular issue relating to your installed windows, please feel free to contact us at Timbertherm Windows. Our experienced team is standing by and ready to help.

First essentials

Your choice of Timbertherm Windows engineered timber sash windows is the first step to stress-free maintenance. Not only are the carefully crafted wood-based window fittings a sensible option for long-term economic benefit and a choice that is kind on the environment in terms of sustainability and reduced needs for heating fuel, but the long-term maintenance requirements are also relatively straightforward. The factory applied paints with which the engineered timber sash windows are finished provide an aesthetically pleasing look and mean that it is simple to check the condition of the windows and to maintain them accordingly. Even with minimum maintenance, under average weather conditions, the expected life of our installed windows should be 60 to 80 years.

Typical maintenance tasks

A quick visual inspection of your engineered timber sash windows is advisable on an annual basis. However, depending on the exact type of finish applied to the wood during manufacture, it is likely that actual maintenance tasks will only be required every five to eight years. While this is a low maintenance regime, it is also recommended that owners of engineered timber sash windows ensure that they do take these recommended steps, as simple ongoing maintenance can significantly prolong the life of the installed windows and can therefore reduce the need for more expensive repairs further down the line. In addition, keeping up with the scheduled annual checks can also help to ensure that the windows continue to provide cost-saving performance in terms of insulation, and therefore in keeping down the level of your energy bills.


Visual inspection

The annual visual check of your installed engineered timber sash windows should take only a few minutes. A more detailed inspection can be made every five years and for this you may wish to bring in a professional craftsman. However, you can cover the essentials yourself very easily on a yearly basis. This can be done in conjunction with a regular routine of washing the windows, which is a good way of removing any potentially damaging pollutants from the windows and frames, and of keeping air vents free from obstruction. The main issues to look for include the following.

  • Broken or cracked glass: this can be simply replaced by your local specialist craftsman.
  • Damage to seals around glazing and casements: these can be easily replaced, if necessary.
  • Broken cords: replacements are often available from hardware shops, but your local specialist craftsman can also replace these, if necessary.
  • Flaking or cracked paint: the external paintwork should last for around five to eight years. When necessary, repainting is a straightforward task.
  • Decaying timber: especially on the bottom rail, check for any degradation or imperfection. A little filler can overcome most minor issues, while a craftsman can carry out bigger repairs.
  • Broken locks, handles, or latches: these can be simply replaced or repaired by a joiner or craftsman.

Basic maintenance

The first step in basic maintenance is to wash the windows using a soft sponge and mild, soapy water. After this, carry out the visual check as detailed above. Small imperfections in the external wood finish can be evened out using a small amount of filler, which can be painted over. Similarly, a corner bracket can be used to repair any loosening of the corner joints in the window frame, and this can also then be painted over as normal.

The routine repainting or wood staining of your engineered timber sash windows, every five to eight years, should only take about 30 minutes per window. After performing the regular washing and visual check, use a pumice block to remove any grit, and cover the glass with suitable protection. Spot prime any bare wood, such as where sashes or cords have been removed. These spots are not to be painted. Then, proceed with the painting, using a paint kettle and an appropriately sized paintbrush. Internally, paint the glazing bars and the inner sash, and then proceed to paint the outer sash. Paint the fixture one element at a time, and let the paint dry with the outer sash slightly open. Externally, reverse the sashes according to the instructions received during installation, and paint the visible surfaces, including the pulley stiles and sill. Do not paint the top surface of the top rail of the inside sash. Let the paint dry with the outer sash slightly open.


Advanced maintenance

If anything in the maintenance seems to be more complex than you can manage, timber window frames are generally easy for a qualified fitter, joiner, or craftsman to repair. Get in touch with us at Timbertherm Windows if you need advice on a specific issue.


The maintenance regime for engineered timber sash windows is easy to follow. Wash the windows and perform a visual inspection on an annual basis. You can perform any simple maintenance tasks yourself. Every five years, arrange a professional inspection and either paint or stain the timber, or ask for professional assistance. If any damage occurs, a qualified craftsman should be able to fix most issues quickly and with little fuss.

Next step

Now that you have learned the basics about the benefits, installation, and maintenance of engineered timber sash windows from Timbertherm Windows, you can move with confidence to contacting us about crafting and installing quality windows for your property. Our experience sales team and our expert craftsmen at Timbertherm Windows are ready to help with any queries that you may have, so feel free to contact us today, or to call in at our main office in Braintree, Essex.

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