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What to expect when installing (engineered timber) sash windows

As we have seen, there are many good reasons to choose engineered timber sash windows when modernising or renovating your residential or commercial property. There are also a number of options to choose from, which our professionals at Timbertherm Windows would be delighted to demonstrate in more detail. Once you have chosen the look to suit your space, the next step is to have the windows installed. If this is done correctly, then the subsequent upkeep should be a simple matter, as one of the advantages of engineered timber sash windows is that they are a low maintenance option, given the positive benefits they can bring. The information here is to guide you through the installation process, to make the experience as smooth as possible.

Installing engineered timber sash windows

Our professional staff at Timbertherm Windows can guide you through every step in the ordering, delivery, and installation of your new engineered timber sash windows. At every stage, we are committed to providing quality service and a quality product to fulfil the needs of each individual customer. This care and attention means that at the end of the process, you will be able to start enjoying the benefits of our engineered timber sash windows, in terms of comfort and cost savings, secure in the knowledge that our products are environmentally sustainable and easy to maintain. The following details should let you know the basic framework of what to expect during the delivery and installation of your engineered timber sash windows.

How long do engineered timber sash windows take to be made?

At Timbertherm Windows, we pride ourselves on providing a product that precisely fits the needs of each individual customer. This means that the engineered timber sash windows need to be individually produced according to the results of our on-site survey. To provide sufficient time for the tailored production and installation of these high-quality windows, an overall lead time, from survey to installation, would be approximately six to eight weeks.


How will my engineered timber sash windows arrive?

As part of the personalised service that we offer at Timbertherm Windows, we work with a network of professionals around the country. While every aspect of the manufacture, delivery, and installation is coordinated from our main location in Braintree, Essex, we use trusted partners to tailor the service for each individual customer. This means that after the engineered timber sash windows have been carefully manufactured and expertly crated, the delivery is arranged according to your circumstances, including your location and schedule. Our sales team would be happy to discuss the arrangements with you in detail, to find a solution that works for you.

How are engineered timber sash windows installed?

We use a nationwide network of professional craftsmen, coordinated from our main point of business in Braintree, Essex, to provide installation services based on the location in which the engineered timber sash windows are to be installed. This is a worry-free process for the customer, as our trained and professional partners ensure that every detail of the installation is taken care of, in line with the specifications agreed with our specialist sales team during the ordering process. The whole installation is carried out to a high standard, with minimal mess and disruption.

How long does it take to install engineered timber sash windows?

Naturally, the length and complexity of the installation varies according to the number of windows ordered and the nature of the property in which they are being installed. The full details can be coordinated with our professional sales team. Our expert installation craftsmen work to make the whole process as quick and as smooth as possible, ensuring that there is no unnecessary delay in fitting the windows once they arrive on-site. The whole process from survey to approved installation is typically six to eight weeks.

How easy are engineered timber sash windows to remove, repair, and maintain?

Alongside the aesthetic, environmental, and money-saving attributes of our engineered timber sash windows, they are also easy to maintain. In most cases, it is no more fuss than a quick clean and a fresh coat of paint every five to eight years. You can learn more about this in the next chapter, ‘Tips for maintaining your engineered timber sash windows’.



Time and again, the engineered timber sash windows that we, at Timbertherm Windows, provide to our customers have been demonstrated to be reliable, easy to maintain and a great value addition to a property. Not only this, but sustainable wood sources and effective insulation performance make them a great choice environmentally and the high-quality craftsmanship and traditional materials make them hardwearing with excellent longevity. Our attention to quality and detail is also reflected in the way in which our engineered timber sash windows are individually crafted according to specifications, expertly crated for hassle-free delivery, and professionally installed through our network of experienced carpenters and craftsmen.

All this means that you can have your specially designed and fitted engineered timber sash windows fully installed in your property within just two months of having your property surveyed by our experts. Moreover, the actual installation is carried out smoothly and efficiently, with the minimum possible disruption to your home, cutting out any mess or wasted time. Your selection and installation of Timbertherm engineered timber sash windows will be, at every stage, professionally managed for trouble-free delivery and fitting of a high-quality product. Feel free to contact our sales team or to visit us in Braintree, Essex, for a full overview of how Timbertherm Windows can add value and comfort to your home through (engineered timber) sash windows.

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Following professional installation, your new engineered timber sash windows require very little in terms of regular maintenance. Some attention is required at intervals, to ensure peak performance and to maintain the aesthetic qualities of the product. However, this is mostly straightforward. More details about the maintenance requirements for our engineered timber sash windows are provided in the next chapter here, on ‘Tips for maintaining your engineered timber sash windows’.

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