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Sash Windows

Low maintenance and secure sash windows

Timbertherm, based in Essex, design beautiful top-quality traditional styled sash windows. We manufacture our sash window frames from engineered timber and incorporate the latest technology for secure locking and child safety restrictions which limit the opening space allowed, so our windows are both beautiful and durable, easy to maintain and keep you and your family secure at home.

Thanks to modern technology, sash windows no longer have to mean a compromise on security, maintenance and energy efficiency for style. Our designers incorporate concealed locking systems in the designs they develop so that our sliding sash windows are both secure and attractive.

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Sash windows with double glazing

Traditional sash windows have been associated with unwanted draughts and poor security in the past. Now, sash windows can be restored or replaced with energy efficient options that maintain the traditional style and include design elements that exclude draughts and cold spots, increase energy efficiencies with double or triple glazing, and locks that enhance home security.

Sash windows in Essex

Our windows are made from engineered timber for durability without compromising traditional architectural styles.

Double or triple glazed panes

Our sash windows are manufactured with double or triple glazed panes to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

Secure sash window locks

Traditional sash windows can leave a lot to be desired in terms of security. We incorporate multiple safety features such as secure locking systems and child safety restrictors to keep your home secure.

Traditional style and contemporary design

Timbertherm’s sash windows maintain traditional styles of architecture without compromising on security or thermal efficiency.

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Sash window restoration

Our sash windows are made from engineered timber to the exact specifications of each client to ensure the architectural style of each home and durability of our windows.

Low maintenance

Engineered timber frames are durable and easy to maintain. Each frame is finished with a smooth, durable coating that simply need wiping down to keep them looking clean.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sash windows give a home a distinct style associated with old-world luxury.
Wondering how to choose sash windows without compromising on security, thermal efficiency or durability? Read on…

Can I replace my sash windows and still meet conservation requirements?

Our sash window frames are made from engineered timber to enhance performance in areas of durability, lowered maintenance and increased thermal efficiencies. By maintaining original designs and incorporating modern energy and security features our windows meet both demands along with conservation document Q regulations .

Are sash window locks safe and secure?

Sash windows designed by our team in Essex meet demands for both style and security by incorporating modern concealed safety features and child safety restrictions . Windows can be designed with secure locking systems, Georgian bars (if requested), or both, to keep you safe in your home.

Should I choose UPVC or timber frames for my sash windows?

If taken care of, traditional wooden sash windows can last for over one hundred years. UPVC frames are often less expensive but not intended to last as long as timber frames. At Timbertherm, deliver the best of both worlds by manufacturing sash window frames from engineered timber reducing cost and dramatically increasing lifespan.

Are sash windows draughty?

Traditional sash windows are often associated with draughts and cold spots, hardly surprising when you consider many are single glazed units over 80 years old! Timbertherm’s sash windows incorporate modern technologies such as double or triple glazing, draught proofing and engineered timber sections to ensure the comfort of your home.

How much do sash windows cost?

Sash window prices vary depending on size, materials used and additional options chosen such as sash window locks, double or triple glazed units UPVC or timber frames. Sash windows can cost anywhere between £300 to £1,500 per window. Our team in Essex can survey your property to provide an obligation free quote that is valid for six months.

Will my sash windows reliably open and close for years to come?

In older windows, the cords fitted to weights in the side jamb of sash windows can deteriorate and break, causing windows to stick. Timbertherm use a spring loaded contemporary balance mechanism in their designs that is concealed to the naked eye and far more durable than traditional balance tubes or weighted cords and pulleys.

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At Timberthem, our in-house team based in Essex has developed their own unique design of french doors.

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