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French Doors

Beautiful French doors

At Timberthem, our team of designers create unique French doors and double-door sets to compliment any home. Our designs are fully weather-sealed when shut by incorporating the latest gasket technology in the engineered timber sections for both comfort and security.

Our design team create French doors to open onto patios and gardens. All of our French door designs can include glazing bars and lower panels to your design, with integrated fully adjustable hinges and concealed high-security five-point espagnolette locking systems that meet security and décor requirements.

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Internal and external French doors

Our use of cutting edge technology combined with engineered timber for construction ensures our French doors are thermally efficient with the use of insulated composite panels if required. We can incorporate side panels on larger openings to allow more light into rooms and give the illusion of increased space.

Why are Timbertherm’s French doors best?

Our expert design team have developed their own unique designs based on years of experience designing French doors for homes in Essex.

Wooden French doors

Our French doors are manufactured from engineered timber to ensure both durability and beauty for all our designs.

Cutting edge technology

Fully adjustable hinges, insulated composite panels and weatherproof designs ensure thermally efficient French doors for both internal and external use.

Only the best will do

Timbertherm’s French door sets are thermally efficient and manufactured from engineered timber for durability.

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Local design

Our design team are based in Essex and experienced in creating unique designs to match the style of any home.

Style and security combined

Our French door designs can be created to open in or out and five-point locking systems are standard for each design made to client’s specifications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

French doors can bring light and character to any home. Read on to find out how to choose the right doors for your home and lifestyle.

What are French doors?

French doors date back to the French Renaissance and were initially installed to open onto balconies. As the style grew in popularity, designs evolved to include almost any double door set. French doors can be designed to open inwards or out, use wooden frames and glass panels to provide unobstructed views into yards, patios or adjoining rooms.

Why are Timbertherm’s French doors the best in Essex?

Our expert team of designers have developed a unique design of French doors based on years of experience designing doors in the UK. Our French doors are fully weather-sealed when shut, incorporate cutting edge technology to ensure thermal efficiencies and can be designed to open inwards or out.

How do I choose the right French door design for my home?

Internal or exterior French doors can complement your home’s architectural style and bring more light to your home. Choose a design that gives the greatest access between rooms or to an outdoor space. Consider the placement of furniture and walls when choosing a design.

Are French doors draughty?

French doors designed Timbertherm are manufactured to be fully weatherproof when closed. We incorporate the latest gasket technology and hang doors on fully adjustable hinges to increase thermal efficiencies and secure your home against draughts.

What’s the difference between patio and French doors?

French doors have a long history and are typically double door sets that incorporate single or multiple glass panels, which open inward or outward. Patio doors have evolved to include any type of glass door – hinged or sliding – that opens onto a patio or paved area. French doors can be used to link internal spaces as well as indoor/outdoor areas.

Are French doors secure?

Timbertherm’s French door designs come with five-point espagnolette locking systems as standard. Our designs include cover splines for the gap where doors meet – typically the weakest point on French doors. Lock barrels can include anti-bump cylinders for increased security. All of Timbertherm’s French doors are manufactured to Secure by Design standards.

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At Timberthem, our in-house team based in Essex has developed their own unique design of french doors.

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